August 13, 2016

Lawn Maintenance Service in Belvidere, IL


GreenCity Lawn Maintenance provides weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing for both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL properties.

Other Services include:

Aeration (starting at $59.99)

Dethatching (starting at $149.99 )

For “lawn mowing” and “snow removal” we (ONLY) service the Boone County, IL area.  We do this because we want to guarantee that our local customers get the best quality service.

We understand you have a busy lifestyle! When you are a client, you will come home to a well manicured lawn. Not home when we show up? No problem, payments can be made in advance or at the end of the month. We can have you set up FAST, EASY and have your property in tip top shape!

Once we set up a specific day of the week you prefer us to show up, we will show up every time on that day. As a customer at GreenCity you can contact us anytime, with questions, concerns or any additional services you may need. Call or even text us.  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE


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